Client or Legal Advocate, Which Role Suits You Better?

Client or Legal Advocate, which role suits you better? To answer that question, we should first define what a client and legal advocate is. Clients refer to anyone no matter their status or position who posts a question on the Legist app. A client could be a school teacher, a college student, a janitor, a doctor or even a lawyer. As long as you post anything, you have achieved client status.

On the other hand, an advocate is anyone who replies and satisfies the curiosity of a client. Just like clients, advocates can be anyone who believes they have important information that would satisfy the client. The advocate could be knowledgeable about the law or could just be speaking from personal experience. Nevertheless, all inputs of any kind are welcome.

In order to use the Legist app, users must make a choice to sign in as a client or an advocate. To find out which fits you, learning the qualities of each side will help. Clients are those who ask questions, so on the client side of the app, you can ask a question by posting about it. You can also access the various categories that personify the nature of the question being asked. Finally, only clients can invite friends to the app.

On the other hand, advocates cannot post questions, but they can reply and comment on posted questions. But perhaps the most important ability of an advocate is their ability to initiate a chat with any clients of their choice, in order to provide a more in depth and personal answer to their questions.

Both sides of the app offer different benefits to the app users and to find which role suits you better, simply follow this guideline and choose the side that aligns the most with your values and goals.

Indexing the Law

The law is a very broad subject, there are many aspects to it. This is only natural because the law needs to be applicable for all situations and at all times. Due to this, some of it is easily recognizable, but some others are less familiar while some exist yet many people have no idea what it is or are unclear about its meaning .

In order to provide the best service to our users, Legist has chosen to solve this problem by creating multiple categories to let people ask questions or search for answers to easily find the legal help that they seek.

The importance of categories cannot be overlooked because categories create an index of the app rather than forcing people to search the entire app for an answer about a certain topic. It also grants the app an orderly appearance that leads to efficient use of our customers’ time.

We are aware that people have many priorities and believe that when insearch of legal help, the quicker an answer is received the better it is for the customer. Categories are also important because they allow legal advocates to instantly find questions which they can easily answer, this lets them provide accurate answers because they are speaking on subjects they are familiar with.

Currently, there are six basic categories which include Health, Disability, Family and Housing. We chose this as our starting point because many legal questions are centered around these categories as they apply personally to a large number of people. Legist seeks to make sure that all of our customers’ have a chance to find a post which will help them in their search for legal help.

In the future, if our customers require it, we are open to expanding the category listing so that we can better satisfy our customers.

Can’t Chat with an Advocate? No Problem

After users have asked a question on the Legist platform, every lawyer on the platform can see your questions and comment on it. The lawyers also have the option of initiating a conversation with you directly if they think they can be of assistance to you. From here, you can either continue the chat or ask to meet up.

After a conversation has been created, what follows depends on the users.

On our application, lawyers always initiate the first conversation. This is dependent on the nature of your question and what role the lawyer feels they can play in your situation.

Users cannot initiate a conversation with the lawyers directly. However, they can post questions that are relevant and detailed and a lawyer can reach out to be of assistance..

Legist was designed to create an open market for legal concerns, so there are no rules or hidden costs to how you choose to express your legal concerns.