Help & Support

There is no device without flaw, no program without a bug and no code or algorithm that can run flawlessly without constant improvement. Wherever you set your eyes to, it becomes clear to see that the difference between success and failure is the ability to change; to evaluate your weaknesses and improve them.

In order to do this, Legist has added the Help and Support page to the menu bar of the app. In this page, clients can state their issue and be assured that it will reach our developers as soon as they send it.

The Help and Support Page is composed of two main elements. The first one requires the title or general overview of the issue. It is best to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point. Ensure that with this title, someone can provide a somewhat accurate guess of what your issue is. The second element is the explanation box where you can expand on the title of the issue and explain in your own words what is wrong. While only the developers will be privy to your issue, it is best to stick to the problem at hand. Do not place personal information in the Help & Support page; it is there to resolve any technical problems. If you are searching for a more concrete answer, the Chat option is a much better feature.

Legist is focused on providing the best service to its client and customers and we hope that this page will allow you to enjoy the app even more