Help & Support

There is no device without flaw, no program without a bug and no code or algorithm that can run flawlessly without constant improvement. Wherever you set your eyes to, it becomes clear to see that the difference between success and failure is the ability to change; to evaluate your weaknesses and improve them.

In order to do this, Legist has added the Help and Support page to the menu bar of the app. In this page, clients can state their issue and be assured that it will reach our developers as soon as they send it.

The Help and Support Page is composed of two main elements. The first one requires the title or general overview of the issue. It is best to keep this short, sweet and straight to the point. Ensure that with this title, someone can provide a somewhat accurate guess of what your issue is. The second element is the explanation box where you can expand on the title of the issue and explain in your own words what is wrong. While only the developers will be privy to your issue, it is best to stick to the problem at hand. Do not place personal information in the Help & Support page; it is there to resolve any technical problems. If you are searching for a more concrete answer, the Chat option is a much better feature.

Legist is focused on providing the best service to its client and customers and we hope that this page will allow you to enjoy the app even more

Strategy to Mitigate Information Warfare

Technology & Information networking, Information and technology warfare all of these terms have some type of connection to strategic and tactical military purposes. Technology has advanced so much that even your information can be used against you in an online situation. 

There are steps we need to take as individuals and a community to prevent our information from being used as a technological weapon against us, a country or a community we are a part of. The end results and implication of such an act are very unpredictable and uncertain. This type of conflict can cause a lot of damage for both the initiator and victims of the cyber attack. Yes cyber attack, that is what we have come to call these types of warfare. 

What does this have to do with Legist? Well you came to the right place to have all those burning questions answered. Your profile might be at risk on the various apps and devices you have your personal information stored on. We call this exposure or point of entry for a potential cyber attack. At the same time there are levels to cyber attack, the United states and its potential enemies could use personal information to exploit the infrastructure of another country. The United States has substantial and complex management infrastructure to mitigate cyber attacks. 

Legist similar to the United States have put in place systems to mitigate your information getting stolen from our platforms. If and when potential cyber-attacks attempt to steal your information, we have systems in place to stop these attacks.

Questions – Answers to your Scenario

Questions are the answers to your Scenario. How you decide to ask a question could help people decipher your starting point, your current situation and where you are going based on the decision and advice given. We call it the three scenarios, your starting position which tells the person answering your question what led you to the current situation. This is why people ask for background information. This is where you set the tone for the rest of your question explaining when, how and why. 

Your starting position is actually step 2 not step 1. Contrary to popular belief which assumes your current situation is what really tells the whole story. It is actually the context in which that situation occurs that begins the story. Take time to explain every detail about the context in which the situation occurred. People will get a better understanding of where you are coming from and what your situation is.

You probably want to know what advice or answer you would get for your question. However, you are not done yet. You need to let people know your expectations after others have read your questions. The goal is to have the other person come to the same conclusion or expectation after reading your questions. This is where you communicate your expectation exactly how you want people to respond, be direct and concise. 

The Question you ask can help get the answers you need. Remember to address the Starting point, current situation and where you are going with the question. This is how I remember it, – SCE which is short for Scenario.