Month: October 2021

Share the most Insane Is this even Legal stories?

I have a deep love for reading what people have experienced and trying to learn from their specific situation. I’d rather listen to people who’ve lived insane and uniquely bizarre lives casually share stories from their past from a legal point of view.

Individuals have survived outright foolish circumstances, situations, and encounters with the legal system. There are not many things I truly appreciate more than paying attention to the people who have driven unimaginably intriguing lives, recounting their story and experience.

This explains why I’ve always been drawn to reading legal questions and answers. Especially ones written by those who have lived litigious, chaotic and surreal lives.

Why do you need a story? We all recount tales about ourselves. Stories characterize us. To understand somebody well is to know their story—the encounters that have molded them, the preliminaries and defining moments that have defined them. At some point, we need somebody to understand us. We share accounts of our childhoods, our families, our school years, our first loves, the improvement of our political perspectives, etc.

By “story” we don’t signify “something made up to make a terrible circumstance look great.” Rather, we’re discussing accounts that are profoundly evident thus captivating that audience members feel they have a stake in our life experience. The Legist platform is filled with this dynamic, without a story there is no platform to deliver professional connection to relate to the individual.

Recounting a story that occurred in our personal lives might be terrifying. “Will I think back one day and think this was the best thing that consistently occurred?” we ask ourselves. “Or on the other hand will I understand that this was the start of something positive in my life, that it was a breeze from here on out?” We desperately try to find common ground with those around us by sharing these vulnerable moments of our lives.

I’m 24 and looking back I think I’ve gotten through my life without any real scary moments. Well, there probably have been some, but none serious enough for me to be able to remember now.

Anyway, have you had any moments where you’ve been terrified or creeped out or been in any sketchy situations? If so then I want to hear your story. Please post it on Legist

Legist Beta Testing

Beta testing is a sort of client acknowledgment testing where we give an almost completed product to a gathering of target clients to assess the quality and user experience. There is no norm for what a beta test ought to resemble and how to set up beta testing. The real testing methodology ought to be applicable to your testing objectives. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of necessities that a product needs to agree with to be prepared for beta testing:

The goal of beta testing is to provide a complete view of every experience gained by the users while using the product. We also want to see real world compatibility for our product on different platforms like iOS and Android. Finally, identifying common issues early on would be beneficial to the product development team and help create a more comfortable product for the end users.

However, because of spending imperatives, the task of beta testing needs to be limited to a select few. We collect feedback from these participants in various forms like crash reports, or comments shared on our website.

Suggestions raised by the members are taken care of by the product development team. Input and suggestions are gathered by the members depending on their involvement in the process. Inputs are assessed to investigate and make out what makes the client enjoy the experience. Ideas and suggestions are considered to improve the product in its next adaptations. Finally, when a specific point is reached and when every one of the features are working, no bugs are emerging, then we can finish up the Beta Testing Phase.

After the Beta Testing Phase comes to an end, Legist will convey rewards/incentives to the members according to the arrangement chosen and express gratitude toward them officially to keep up great relationship (this aides in additional beta test on the item, substantially more inputs, ideas, and so on)

Until our users find value in our product we will continue to gather significant input from the testers. This would eventually bring about the fruitful Beta Testing of our Product and guarantees that our users and customers are happy with its use.