A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Words are necessary and effective communicating tools that allow you to reveal the details about any situation you find yourself in. But sometimes, your receiver does not have the time to read through the message and understand its contents or discover if it concerns them or not. In cases like this, pictures are the perfect tool to solve such a situation.

A picture can convey many things to the receiver and one can even use it to determine the intent of the user. This is why Legist has made it possible for pictures to be attached to the questions of our user.

When Legal Advocates see the picture, they will be able to determine what category the questions falls under and a hint of what kind of question it might be allowing them to efficiently determine questions they are confident in answering. While Legist is not responsible for the validity of an advocate’s response, we will do our best to create an environment that will encourage honest and valid answers to our users’ questions.