Automated Legal Room

An Automated Space equipped with a series of behind the scene data collected from over 10 million Lawyer and Client conversations. This is the future I whispered to myself, the ability to answer any question or point people in the right direction.

This could be a trillion-dollar opportunity for companies that could successfully run a database this large. This basically YouTube on steroids. You can post as many questions as possible and receive valuable answers related to prior conversations or court notes related to your question.

Through a series of Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and of course a large enough server to support that space. You can include as much of the 10 million plus conversation as a foundation for the System to learn how to respond to any question. A small team of developers or IT specialist would be left to ensure the system is doing what it is supposed to do.

The entire system is only as good as the customer feels at the end of the interaction. Implementing a system where we gauge how effective the response was in relation to each person’s question. This is where we get to improve the already existing system and fix any potential issues.