Strategy to Mitigate Information Warfare

Technology & Information networking, Information and technology warfare all of these terms have some type of connection to strategic and tactical military purposes. Technology has advanced so much that even your information can be used against you in an online situation. 

There are steps we need to take as individuals and a community to prevent our information from being used as a technological weapon against us, a country or a community we are a part of. The end results and implication of such an act are very unpredictable and uncertain. This type of conflict can cause a lot of damage for both the initiator and victims of the cyber attack. Yes cyber attack, that is what we have come to call these types of warfare. 

What does this have to do with Legist? Well you came to the right place to have all those burning questions answered. Your profile might be at risk on the various apps and devices you have your personal information stored on. We call this exposure or point of entry for a potential cyber attack. At the same time there are levels to cyber attack, the United states and its potential enemies could use personal information to exploit the infrastructure of another country. The United States has substantial and complex management infrastructure to mitigate cyber attacks. 

Legist similar to the United States have put in place systems to mitigate your information getting stolen from our platforms. If and when potential cyber-attacks attempt to steal your information, we have systems in place to stop these attacks.

Strategy to Mitigate Information Warfare