The Value of Location

Laws are like people in a certain sense. Depending on many factors, the way law is used differs from one person to another. One such factor is that of location. In the United States, the law is influenced by the federal and state government. This is what makes the location a great factor in how the law is implemented.

Different states have different laws or different metrics and requirements regarding certain things. The way New York handles divorce is different from how North Carolina does it. These minute differences can make or break the answer an advocate provides to a client. This is why we advise adding your location to your profile. Doing this will allow the advocates to narrow down the solutions unique to you and your area.

But while this will help improve the answers our clients receive, many people might feel uncomfortable revealing their location so easily which is why Legist’s location tool allows you to place your geographic region on your profile rather than your specific address. For example, you could say the GNY Region rather than 28 Main Street or so on. If you want a much more precise answer then using your home state is acceptable as well. We hope that by doing this, we can make lives easier for both clients and advocates.