Making it Easier on Legist with Search Tool

We’ve all been there, too much information in our hands and too little time to search through it all. You keep scrolling using your keyboard or if you’re lucky the scroll wheel on your mouse while frantically searching for that small piece of information you consider important. It might be a question, a paragraph, or just a statement. The fact is that there is too much information in today’s world, where information is easily accessible, it is extremely difficult to isolate what you need. Even with a mouse, if we are not careful it is easy to miss the object of your desire. In order to prevent this, the concept of user-friendly must become very important to everyone.

User-friendly design as its name suggests refers to a machine or technology that is easy to use and understand. In essence, your users must be able to easily and quickly find the information they require. In order to do that, there are certain steps that can be taken.

You will require a well organized information architecture. The way information is arranged and presented is very important especially when you offer a wide range of information to attract your target customers. Another method is to make it easier to read by using correct formatting like headings and subheadings to highlight key information. The final and probably the most important step to achieving a user-friendly design is an innovative and effective navigation system.

A good navigation system is consistent between all browser formats making it accessible to all kinds of users no matter what technological preferences they possess. An effective navigation system also eliminates the burden of scrolling down through massive amounts of information. A good example is the implementation of a search feature with a drop down list of suggestions depending on the words the user types.

The navigation system has to provide a reasonable number of options to its users. A good number would be a list of ten. As websites and applications multiply with each growing day, it is extremely important that they possess well thought out user-friendly attributes that will guide users to their destinations with a minimum of fuss.

Legist’s Search tool allows you to find questions, and answers posted on our platform. The ability to find information in the shortest amount of time would help save time and increase productivity.

We hope you take full advantage of Legist’s search tool when engaging with your legal community.