Why Privacy is Important

Today, we are introducing a privacy feature to our Legist experience. We are launching the “private option” which allows users to post questions that only lawyers can see. This eliminates the fear of sharing your personal problems with the public.

Here’s how it works:

As a Legal Advocate

Have you ever seen a post that says “ I am looking for someone knowledgeable about family law?” There is no mention of the issue and you have to dig the information out of the user or ask them to directly message you after you ascertain the issue is worth looking into. If you have this new feature saves you time and trouble because legal advocates are able to see and respond to both public and private posts. However, other users can only see and respond to public posts.

Privacy is at the core of all that we do. Users should feel confident that Legist will only share their information with an advocate when the privacy option is enabled. As we continue to improve our product, we center around standards of protecting your data, and placing you in charge.

We believe our products should keep your information for only as long as it’s useful and helpful to you. We continue to challenge ourselves to do more with less and we are excited to continue expanding the scope of this feature.

By building an information sharing standard that can serve all communities without putting our users’ privacy at risk, we can be certain that their concerns are protected while utilizing our platform.