Using the Chat Feature

There are multiple times when someone needs help, but is terrified of telling people because to do so would mean revealing important things about themselves they want to keep blocked from the view of the public. Seeing as legal concerns are an important part of our lives, we understand that in order to fully explain a legal issue, sometimes the customer must reveal some sensitive information. Legist is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers so that they can ask questions and receive support on their legal troubles without any hassle.

In the app, there are two ways to present your legal issues. The first is by positing a public question which can be viewed by all people in the app. The second is to chat directly with legal advocates. When you click on a lawyer’s name you can start a direct message with them.

Chatting with legal advocates is a very useful tool because it guarantees privacy. Chats between customers and advocates can only be viewed by those involved, even Legist cannot view those messages. This is because we value the privacy of our customers and believe that it is necessary for the creation of a user-friendly application.

Secondly, chatting with legal advocates guarantees you access to much more accurate answers because you will be conversing with people who are knowledgeable about that specific issue. Since your conversation is private, you will be able to reveal some information you might otherwise not share in a public post which will help the advocate frame their answer in a way that would benefit you.

The chat feature exists due to Legist taking into consideration the privacy of its customers and working to protect it. We hope you take advantage of this feature to the fullest extent.