How the Legist Rating System Works

We’re committing to rolling out at least one new feature or enhancement to our legal platform.

After a lawyer reaches out to you to help, Legist users are given the opportunity to rate a lawyer’s response based on your one on one interaction.

Ratings are from one to five stars. Lawyers are able to see the average of all ratings given to them, it’s a star sign with the average number next to it.

The rating system is designed to improve the quality of responses on the legist Platform. We help users and lawyers experience a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Remember, you can’t buy a good rating, only earn one, so follow our tips to make sure to keep your star score high.

As a lawyer you want your response to be as detailed as possible. Try to limit the number of questions that could arise after the user reads your response or direct message.

Never ask for a rating or pressure users into giving you a rating. If you are doing a great job, they’ll rate you well.