End to End Encryption

Legist offers security to users using our platform. The importance we place on privacy makes our clients feel more comfortable discussing their issues. We have built end-to-end encryption for your messages, photos and documents. Every Legist message is delivered to the recipient while preventing potential eavesdroppers from reading or modifying your message.

We believe in creating value for our users using tools like encryption. We want our users to speak freely about what’s most important to them. We want to help organizations reach their desired audience around the world. As more information becomes easily accessible online, we have made it our core belief to ensure our users’ information is protected.

Here is how it works: the sender forms an encrypted connection with Legist servers which allows the user to submit the encrypted message to Legist servers while we simultaneously form an encrypted connection with the recipient. Finally the recipient downloads the message through an encrypted connection.

Since information can be stolen by a third party to decrypt those interactions. We have taken steps to prevent third parties from deciphering the data communicated. The best part of end-to-end encryption is your messages are perfectly safe. Another way to think about it is the idea of a physical mailbox that can only be opened by the receiver. This is very important because the mail person cannot open the box even if they wanted to see the content of the mail.

The example above shows that the mail person cannot see the content but they also cannot change the content. This is very similar to Legist’s encryption methods which prevents anyone excluding the sender and the receiver from seeing the encrypted data. Every message on our app is stored securely, not even Legist can read or join your messages. We believe these additional features on Legist meet the needs of our users across the world.