Staying Connected with your Legal Community

Whether you are a legal enthusiast or just someone going through a few legal problems, the importance of having a community to share your burdens with and learn new things from is a great feeling.

Legist will provide you with the opportunity to do that. Along with providing answers to your questions and connecting you with legal advocates, our app also allows us to connect with others just like yourself who are curious about the law. By making use of our app, you can become part of a community dedicated to legal education in all aspects of the law.

This feature of ours provides not just knowledge, but also emotional support. We understand that many people who ask legal questions are not just curious and in search of concrete answers to their questions, but also looking for people to encourage them during their troubling times.

The legal community of Legist will provide that support so that even if we are all miles apart, we can confidently say we are united in the cause of alleviating even just a bit, the stress born from a lack of legal know-how.