Keep in Touch with your Legal Team

Conversations with lawyers, attorneys and legal advocates can be held anywhere around the world from your mobile device. Imagine having a community of legal professionals you can turn to anytime and anywhere for advice, guidance or just to see what issues are most important to people around you.

We are excited to share that Legist allows for these conversations to occur by allowing you to post questions. Customers and legal advocates can then work together to answer questions or provide guidance on important issues. The wealth of resources is unlimited; customers have the opportunity to interact with every aspect of the legal community and become more knowledgeable about how the law affects different aspects of their lives in areas like housing, disability, and health.

As a valued customer you also have the power to determine if you want your questions to be public or private. Public posts and conversations are shared with every user on Legist, these posts can be seen by both legal professionals and other customers. Users are also able to comment or respond to your questions and provide a community for any particular issue.

On the other hand, private posts allow for a one-on-one conversation with every legal professional on the App. Every question and conversation made in private mode is only seen by legal professionals on the App. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your conversation and we will continue to develop new ways to make the sensitive nature of our customers’ legal concerns much more secure.

In order to make Legist more user-friendly, we have narrowed down issues to a few categories. Categories which include health, housing and much more that allow customers to engage directly with legal professionals within a particular category. This allows for an organized form of communication within a particular category while also making it easier to access specific kinds of information without searching the entirety of the app.

Legist was created as a service that provides a secure, reliable and private platform for people to use. We are committed to helping connect the legal world while protecting the privacy of our customers.