The Importance of Dashboards

Before stepping into a new house, a person takes a look at its front porch and how faded or bright the painting of the walls look. So in that manner, a dashboard does the same for an app. Dashboards are the faces of applications. They are the first things that users can really critique which will have a grand effect on their continual use of the app which is why understanding and implementing the qualities of great dashboards will create a more user-friendly application.

A good dashboard should align with the goals of the user. Users who use our app want to get their legal questions answered which is why Legist’s dashboard reveals a list that gives a glimpse of the different kinds of legal questions that have been asked on the app.

A good dashboard must also possess the right visuals. The visuals visible to the user must have a meaning which can be attributed to whatever post they are attached to. In our app, each post has a visual which grants a hint of what kind of question is being asked before a person clicks on it. This will allow people to save time rather than going through every single post available.

Finally and most importantly, a good dashboard must tell a story. One look at the dashboard and a user must be able to guess the purpose of your app. Our app fulfills this criteria by showing not only the category name, but also revealing the first few from a post on the dashboard and the amount of views. These little bits reveal the diversity of legal questions being answered, but also how many people found it relevant.

We hope that you find the dashboard useful and delightful in an aesthetic sense and a practical one as well.