Document Sharing made Easy

With the fast paced nature of today’s world, we know that not everyone has the time and luxury to fully flesh out an issue with just their words. In a legal setting, documents act as pillars to the various legal issues people have. The presence of a document instantly adds value to any legal issue you have. Documents also help explain certain legal issues in ways that might be hard to articulate in a concise manner.

The ability to quickly provide them when needed is something that cannot be overlooked. This is even more important in today’s world which holds multiple file types and depending on the kind of software you use, certain file types might be rejected when uploading them onto certain platforms.

Legist is committed to providing a wonderful user experience for both customers and legal advocates, this is why we have made it possible for documents to be shared between all users of our app. You can send documents of up to 100 MB without the need for emails or file sharing apps. With our app, it is possible to send all kinds of documents including PDFs and docs so you don’t have to worry about converting the file type for it to be accepted.

The current limit for how large the document you can send at once is 100MB because we know that in regards to legal issues people are very likely to have large files containing a lot of information. This limit will also enable users to reduce the amount of times they have to share documents with each other.

Legist is very interested in the feedback of its customers and is open to any changes they suggest in regards to how document sharing is handled so we can continue providing a user-friendly experience to all of our users.