How to Ask Questions on Legist

Legist allows users an equal ability to post questions about the most important aspect of their legal situation. Posting a question is a form of free speech that allows users to become educated about their legal community. Because of this, posting a question cannot be taken lightly especially if the advice you will receive is directly related to your life. Even if it is not personally applicable to you, it can definitely be applied to someone else. Detailed Questions help Lawyers answer your question effectively and other users on Legist can greatly benefit from it.

The Legist platform has taken privacy and free speech into consideration and has decided to create a general format to help you shape your question. The first thing you need is to highlight what category the question falls under for example housing, disability or family. By doing so, it automatically places your answer within that category and if anyone searches those categories, they will find your questions. This allows legal advocates to focus their attention in categories which they are knowledgeable about rather than trying to scour the entire platform for a question which they can answer.

Another thing to remember is that if you can mention your location, endeavor to do so. Laws and their interpretations change depending on what state you are in, so in order to receive a much more precise answer, add your location to the question. How you place it is up to you, but we advise placing it on the first line of your question because all advocates will definitely read that

Finally, you should also include other details like the timeframe of the issue or anything you did to fix it prior to posting your question. All these little tips will help you in your search for trustworthy legal advice. Good luck.